"You've got to go, they'll kill you for what you've done to 
Joffrey. Go on, run! Go, leave, now. Go!"
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"If there is a monster out there, there’s only one thing to do: find out where it lives."

Kill all sons-a-bitches.


Chris Koehler


Wonil aka Wonil Suh (South Korea) - 1: The Dust Man, 2008  2: Tricycle, 2011  3: Untitled, 2011  4: The Brothers, 2012  5: See No Evil, 2011  6: The Dog, 2010  7: The Charming Ingri, 2008    Drawings / Mixed Media


Rainbow of Stars


Photographer Maurizio Pignotti, 46, spends all night in freezing temperatures painstakingly shooting the breathtaking crystal-clear stars. He uses a technique where he merges together anywhere between 80 and 450 shots to create what he describes as a “rainbow of stars”. Space-lover Maurizio, captures the star trails on the borders of the Adriatic Sea – including the Sibillini Mountains National Park, the Conero National Park, and the Gargano National Park.