Sarahh and I would like to announce a new series we’ll be writing, filming, and acting in. 
In short films made into episodes, we will take on the life of surviving in the zombie apocalypse while documenting it via vlogging. Following Sarahh’s character, the vlogger,  Elizabeth Cash and her new found companion, my character, Skye Belmont, we’ll see their uneasy meeting and struggle to survive. 
"And even if no one hears me, at least what I wanted to say will be out in the world, maybe some day, years from now, someone would hear"
Elizabeth Cash has always been quiet and misunderstood, until she found an outlet in vlogging. In her vlogs she would act as someone new. She could be loud and outgoing in front of her camera, but faced with her new found world, she’ll have to learn to step away from the camera, live without her laptop, without internet, and survive.
Skye Belmont, having ran away from home at a young age, learned how to survive on her own early-on. Her parents dead, she escaped social services and lived in and out of various shelters until eventually running out of places to run. She lived on the streets untill she met a runaway boy similar to her. They managed a small apartment over a shop; They managed a life. That is, until she woke up to that same boy, bitten and sickened by the rapidly spreading infection.
This is Living Crypts.

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